Our Projects

Rick Roberts Way

Virtuscan was appointed by Kier to capture the external façades of a residential property as part of a review of the cladding works. The project had a duration of one week on site and one month CAD works. The scope of works included a terrestrial laser scan of the external property, the production of 2D elevation drawings, a 3D Revit model on a grid, and the capture and delivery of a 360° photo tour.

The property consisted of four blocks of different heights, ranging from two storeys up to 14 storeys. Each block required Virtuscan’s team to capture the stairwells to ensure accurate heights could be found on each floor. In addition, the roofs of each block were also captured to provide a comprehensive point cloud.

Rick Roberts Ways Survey

Using the data captured, Virtuscan produced 2D elevation drawings, a 3D model, rendered images and a 360° photo tour. The 2D elevation drawings provided a clear representation of the external façades of the property, while the 3D model allowed for a more detailed and interactive view of the property’s exterior. The rendered images provided a photorealistic view of the property, enabling Kier to assess the cladding works more accurately.

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