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Digital Twin Solutions for Optimised Property Design

A digital twin is a representation of your property in the real world that reacts to monitored changes as they happen in your building. In essence, they are an accurate simulation of a physical environment.

At its core, the term digital twin is used to refer to any environment where the user can interrogate or analyse data for a physical property, such as a building. They can be used to analyse problems, run simulations and create possible solutions.

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Why use digital twins in
your next project?

Discover how digital twins can optimise product design, enhance asset management, improve safety and more in your next project.

The reactive aspect of the model relies on technology such as smart sensors. This allows the digital twin to receive data from the property itself. The digital twin becomes an exact digital copy of the original environment, with functions, features and behaviour all replicated within the digital model.

New builds use digital twins as part of the design and BIM (Building Information Modelling) process. An essential part of the new-build process, digital twins have many applications. These include planning, security, and monitoring the health of your property. As a result, they are a vital addition for any business.

What’s included in a digital twin?

  • Data integration: a digital twin service integrates data from various sources, including IoT sensors, BIM models, GIS data and other relevant sources.
  • 3D modelling: a highly detailed 3D model of the physical asset is created which can be used to simulate various scenarios and analyse performance.
  • Real-time monitoring: the service provides real-time monitoring of the physical asset, including data from IoT sensors and other sources, to identify potential issues and optimise performance.

Survey, Model and Plan

We will discuss your requirements every step of the way ensuring that we always match your needs. Through close communication we can produce the kind of outputs that suit your requirements best at each point in the process.

The first step is an on-site survey. From there, the 3D model and 2D plans are built. These can be imported into your leading asset management software of choice allowing you to make use of these items with greater ease.

Why choose Virtuscan for your next digital twin project?

At Virtuscan we have a vast array of tools at our disposal. We use this state-of-the-art technology to help owners capture their property assets so that a digital twin may be created. Capturing property assets for a digital twin is not an easy job but we can make the process so much easier with the technology and skills we use.

Our process involves the use of the latest technology every step of the way. From capturing your property assets to the creation of the digital twin itself, every step is part of a process designed to ensure that you get the best possible result. We ensure that your property’s digital twin does exactly what you need it to.