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Accurate & Professional Fire Strategy Drawings

Fire strategies are a key part of all building types. They are a regulated requirement and it is essential that you comply as a building owner, landlord or responsible person. It is important that you safeguard your building, its contents and the people within.

A fire strategy drawing takes the fire strategy of your building and puts it into a visual format. This makes your strategy accessible to all which in turn allows people to better follow the fire safety guidelines for your building, ensuring that your fire strategy is followed.

What’s included in
Fire Strategy drawings?

Fire strategy plans are useful for all as they provide a visual layout for others to use. Whether employees, residents, visitors or contractors, everyone in your building needs to be able to use your fire strategy. The layout details essential elements put in place for people’s safety, especially if there is a stay-put policy for the building or a place of relative safety. Details can include accessibility to fire extinguishers, escape paths and fire exits. All these elements can save lives and a fire strategy drawing ensures people are aware of them.

With Virtuscan, we use state-of-the-art technology to assist in the creation of fire strategy drawings. This includes the use of highly accurate terrestrial laser scanners. Accuracy is the first step in any fire strategy drawing. By bringing the right technology we ensure that the resulting plans accurately represent your building.

How can Virtuscan help you with
fire strategy drawings?

Virtuscan will visit your property and digitally capture the space. Our terrestrial laser scanners and traditional survey equipment can capture your property with greater ease than ever before. This ensures we have an accurate starting point from which we can start producing plans.

From there we produce a set of 2D plans. Once these plans are completed, our colleagues over at Gunfire go on to develop these plans further capturing any existing active and passive safety features. We then produce completed plans to represent all safety features present within the building which can include aspects relating to fire safety, such as fire exits and the location of fire extinguishers.

What’s involved in creating
fire strategy drawings

  • Review: along with our fire safety experts at Gunfire, we review the existing fire strategy to understand how the building has been designed to respond in a fire situation.
  • Contact: we communicate with our clients and other stakeholders to agree on a timeframe to deliver the fire strategy drawings.
  • Data collection: we visit the site with our terrestrial scanners and capture all the current data required to create a point cloud and digital twin of your building.
  • 2D plans: with all the data collected, our team then get to work drawing up the information in CAD.
  • Complete: the final stage is to liaise with our fire engineers and our in-house experts at Gunfire to produce the fire strategy drawings.

What’s involved in fire strategy drawings?

Fire strategies are critical to help us understand how a building may perform in a fire, and how occupants should respond to evacuation in the event of a fire.

Every building needs to have a fire strategy in place. Our team at Virtuscan will review this with our in-house experts at Gunfire to understand the information that is critical to be included in the output for the fire strategy drawings. The objective of a fire strategy is to protect people from a fire inside a building for a prescribed period of time and also to protect the building structure and its contents.

The plans we produce are a critical part of the Golden Thread of information. This information is a central point in the new Building Safety Bill. It provides all occupants with the information required to understand a building and keep it and themselves safe. It is also about ensuring the information is accurate, up to date, easily understandable and accessible those who need it. With this in mind, fire strategy plans are a critical part of your building’s safety.

Not only are fire strategy plans a key part of your building’s safety, they are legally required. If you are operating a high-rise property, failing to have fire strategy plans can lead to criminal proceedings.

Protect yourself from the risk of fire with Virtuscan’s fire strategy drawings

Why choose Virtuscan for
fire strategy drawings?

With fire strategy drawings in place, you ensure that your fire safety information is accurate and understandable. This is critical to making sure that the people in your building know what to do in the event of a fire.

Virtuscan provides you with up-to-date plans. However, we provide more than that. We also provide links to trained, knowledgeable fire engineers who will ensure that your fire strategy is up-to-date and compliant with regulatory requirements.

This means that your fire strategy drawings will always be current and follow all regulations. As a result, you do not have to worry about the risks of having a poor fire strategy. With us, your fire strategy will be detailed and accurate, ensuring everyone in your building can be kept safe from harm. Our service assists you in gaining the most out of our technology and industry contacts, ensuring you have a fire strategy that is understandable and accurate.

With Virtuscan you can be sure that safeguarding your building, its contents, and the people within, is our top priority. Contact us now to discuss how we can help develop accurate and up-to-date fire strategy drawings for you.