About Us

Virtuscan specialises in geometric data capture and provides a 3D scanning and photo tour service. We use innovative technologies to provide a cutting-edge service. Using terrestrial laser scanners, drones, cameras and traditional survey equipment, we map and document buildings with their surrounding environment.

This results in a comprehensive up-to-date digital portfolio of our client’s property.

Virtuscan Building

Virtuscan is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for property scanning. Our advanced technology allows us to create accurate 2D drawings, realistic 3D models, and immersive 360˚ photo tours of your property.

As experts in digital scanning, we specialise in transforming digital data into comprehensive and up-to-date visual representations of your property. Our highly skilled team is trained in the use of the latest scanning technologies including terrestrial laser scanners, drones, cameras, and traditional survey equipment. With our extensive expertise, we consistently deliver high-quality outputs that meet your specific requirements.

Virtuscan prides itself on delivering reliable and high-end digital scans for businesses. By leveraging our services, you can obtain a complete and accurate portfolio of your property, ensuring seamless operations and well-maintained records.

Furthermore, our company excels in providing solutions that comply with new building safety regulations. We understand the increasing demand for up-to-date processes and site documentation, and our expertise enables clients to meet these requirements efficiently.